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Snow build-up

An explanation

Depending on snow and weather conditions, annoying snow build-ups may form. As a rule, not everyone in a tour group will be equally affected. Often, the ski skin is blamed – though that is rarely the reason. An explanation: **Why does snow build-up occur?** Snow build-up occurs for a variety of reasons. The most common cause is that we change from moist to dry and cold snow. This causes the snow to freeze to the damp parts of the ski skin. However, it is also possible that a touring skier laying down a trail is not affected by any snow build-up, though the touring skier following behind is. In this case, it may well be that a slight film of water formed due to warmer conditions, which is then absorbed by the climbing ski of the second skier. There are many more combinations of temperature and snow conditions we might list though. Not least the care spent on the ski skins, the cross-country skiing technique and the choice of route – all of which play an important role. As you can see, explaining the whys and wherefores of snow build-up is far from easy. **How can I prevent snow build-up?** Regular waterproofing of your ski skin is always indicated. To do this, stick the ski skin to the entire surface of the ski and, thus, prevent part of the waterproofing agent ending up on the adhesive side. We also recommend that you press the ski skins down immediately with a hard wax – and always in the natural direction of the pile. When striding, you can prevent snow build-up by pulling your skis within the trail and refrain from lifting them if possible. When establishing a new trail, choose the terrain so as to have as little temperature difference as possible. **What can I do in case of snow build-up when on tour?** Remove the snow and rub the edges and the ski skin as dry as possible. An old kitchen towel is perfect for that purpose. Then apply a layer of wax in the direction of the pile.
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